Eros Chef Apparel

Our Men's Chef Line Is In Final Production Phase — Stay Tuned!

The Eros men's collection was created by Chef Denise Portillo as a way to bridge the gap between the ever going conflict between female and male chefs. As a female chef for over 17 years she understands the need for chefs' mutual respect as they collaborate and create their cuisine.


Two simple colors, black and white are used for a variety of reasons.  First, to convey the yin and yang relationships of our kitchen staff.  Second, the colors allow for sleek designs.  And, last, but not least — to keep costs down while using top notch materials.


The new playful Eros name was chose to convey how impulses and modes from other spheres of life enter relations between men and women.  Eros had the power to make any human fall in love. Let love rule!  Our optimum goal for our world is bringing the best cuisine to our plates.  After all, food brings happiness, energy, vibrancy and positivity to our tables.  Let's create together!