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Athena Chef Apparel was created by Chef Denise Portillo, based in Los Angeles, California. Like most female chefs, Chef Portillo became tired of wearing chef coats made for men’s body types, and the coats themselves were not flexible or comfortable. The chef coats for women were expensive and / or unattractive. So she sat down one day with a cup of coffee and her recipe book to begin sketching … and so the journey started.
 The name Athena was chosen for the sole purpose of what the name represents: “The goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law, justice, just warfare, math, strategy, arts, and skill as well as the defender of cities and protectress of heroes.”  As women in our society, the role has always been for us to nurture, tend to our home, and take care of others.  Being a chef allows us to possess these innate feelings and create amazing art in the form of cuisine for everyone to enjoy. We strike a keen balance of strength and softness.
 Each piece is named after Chef Portillo’s strong women in her family. No matter how difficult circumstances become, they always possess strength and beauty.

Our apparel line and accessories have been created with flexibility and style in mind for the ever-growing, ever-changing female chef. This line is sleek, durable, and fashionable.  In a male dominated industry female chefs sometimes take a back seat with their apparel — from chef coats that are awkward and uncomfortable, to not wearing chef uniforms at all — so women feel a loss of their “title” in the kitchen. Although chef apparel doesn’t entirely represent who we are, it signifies a status / earned respect in the culinary arena. 

The chosen material is a blend of spandex and cotton to fit comfortably to the female form and allow for ease of movement. The line was created so that we can go from kicking ass in the kitchen — to front of house events, greeting guests — looking fabulous every step of the way.


Eros for Men

Although this company began as a female chef apparel line, we have now uncovered our amazing male chef uniforms — Eros.  Stay tuned!  Both lines are represented in black or white to underscore the yin and yang of equality in the chef world.  Together we can work side by side and co-create amazing cuisine for our world.

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Special Orders

Custom Made Garments:

Petite and Maternity sizes are offered  as well as custom measurements 

are taken. 

For pricing: Please email

Embroidery Available:

•  Black or white embroidery offered.
•  $15 per item.

•  One time set-up fee per logo:  $45

•  Also offered on leather Utility Bags.

To order:  Send your special order with SKU #'s and quantities for each logo.  And send high-quality (300dpi) JPG art to


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... The result is a line of women’s chef clothing called Athena. It  includes two chef coats – one short sleeve and one long sleeve – a line cook’s jacket, a romper, and three front-of-house uniforms. Chef Denise Portillo contracted clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles ...

Athena Chef Apparel line premiered at the 

Western Food & Hospitality Expo